Production corsetteria modeling, underwear pre post delivery, orthopedic supports and sports.

Studio e Prototipia Biancheria Intima e Corsetteria

Why choose us

Close to you. Always.

Studio e Prototipia Biancheria Intima e Corsetteria

Our strength lies in developing a solution that is appropriate to your needs, providing standard or highly customized solutions..
Our team will be happy to follow you step by step in the various production phases, improving the product constantly..
We offer you an internal production process that is ISO 9001 certified..

  • Design
  • Cut
  • Packaging
  • Quality control
  • Canning
  • Shipping

Alternatively, to reduce production costs, we also collaborate with foreign packaging laboratories.

Quality, speed of execution and customer care are the adjectives that best define us making us your ideal partner.